Why dentists recommend using fluor based toothpastes

Published: 30th March 2011
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There could be many reasons why dentists recommend the use of flour-based toothpaste as part of good oral hygiene.

Fluor is important to teeth care. It helps strengthen teeth’s growth. When used in toothpastes, the Fluor content provides a protective shield around the teeth enamel to prevent bacteria to form around the teeth. The bacteria when mixed with saliva and other leftover food particles in the teeth could form into tartar and plaque. In turn, these could initiate teeth decay and cavities.

Flour-based toothpaste makes the teeth surface stronger so that it reduces onset of cavities. If you already have some minor symptoms of cavities, the Fluor-based toothpaste could help you save your teeth and reduce the spread of the cavities in the other areas of the teeth.

Many dentists endorse Fluor-based toothpaste because it could effectively reduce tooth decay. The toothpaste also protects the gums. With the full protection of teeth and gums, then tooth decay is substantially reduced and the mouth is kept fresh and clean. Bad breath caused by tooth decay is eliminated since this toothpaste has done quite well in protecting the teeth and gums from such condition.

In a medical sort of way, Fluor-based toothpaste creates a calcium- effect for the teeth. Since teeth are considered as bones, they need Calcium to make them strong, and the toothpaste could provide this. The toothpaste with prolong use could offer substantial Calcium to our teeth.

Fluor-based toothpaste mixes well with saliva to help cleanse away bacteria that cause cavities. The toothpaste keeps the mouth fresh and prevents mouth dryness as well. It could be the reason why bad breath is reduced when flour-based toothpaste is used in brushing teeth.

The toothpaste could help reduce sensitivity around the teeth and gum areas. It could provide enough protection for gums to avoid the onset of gingivitis.

In many ways, using Fluor-based toothpaste could be a cost-saving measure in the long run. Since it gives adequate protection for teeth and gums, then there would be fewer expenses for other kinds of teeth care. Of course, the regular checkups with your dentist should be followed as well as the proper way of oral hygiene. The toothpaste could be a preventive measure against tooth decay and other dental problems.

There could be no doubts on the subject why dentists recommend the use of Flour-based toothpaste. They have enough evidence that this kind of toothpaste is good for teeth care. There is an adequate improvement about teeth cleanliness, lesser gum disease, lesser dental caries and other similar dental problems. The good benefits it provides could also be applied and the recipients would be our teeth and gums.

It could take many ways to help clean our teeth and gums and flour-based toothpaste is one of them. It is comforting to know that Flour-based toothpaste is available for anyone who wants to use it for the benefits it offers.

The word for fluor in toothpastes in Danish is Fluor i tandpasta and if you would like to find out what the best toothpaste is, visit this Danish website. You can use Google Translator to translate it to English. To read about fluor in tap water and other products, go here.

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