7 tips for prevention of paradentosis

Published: 04th April 2011
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Paradentosis is a dental disease that affects mostly elderly people but the latest research shows that about a third of young people also suffer from it. An interesting fact about paradentosis is that it is actually the second most common dental disease after dental cavities. This dental disease can have many different symptoms like itching, bleeding and pain of the gums. This can be accompanied by the gums becoming red and numb. What goes on during the disease is this - the edge of the gums starts to get inflamed and small "pockets" start to form. Later on, these "pockets" start getting filled with microorganisms that start damaging the tissue in your mouth. These "pockets" are very hard to treat and because of them the gums start to slowly separate from the teeth. This separation can be followed with pain when you drink cold and hot beverages or when you eat spicy food. If you have paradentosis and you donít treat it the results of the sickness are that the teeth lose their support, then start to move more and eventually fall off. Having in mind the damage this dental disease causes to your mouth, it is clear that the best scenario is that you never get paradentosis. After informing you on how serious this disease can get, it is time to tell you how to prevent it, so here are 7 tips for preventing paradentosis:

1. It all comes down to dental hygiene. What you need is to brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed. Another thing you can focus on is using dental floss after eating and perhaps mouthwash.

2. It is critical that you eat the food that can provide your body with the required vitamins and minerals. Your body and your mouth need to get their share of vitamins so that they can fight off diseases and you can stay healthy. Itís recommended to eat more vegetables and fruit if you want to achieve this.

3. Do not eat too much food with high amounts of sugar. Sweets are the worst enemy of the teeth and this is why you need to eat less of them. Some research points to the following fact. The amount of sugar is not as important as the frequency of sugar intake. This is actually logical because if you eat sweets once a day your mouth will take care of it but if you constantly flood your mouth with sugar even with small amounts the sugar will become acid that can easily damage your enamel.

4. Do not drink beverages with high amount of sugar. The results are the same with the ones above.

5. Chew hard food like nuts, apples and carrots to improve blood circulation in your gums. One more thing you need to remember about chewing is to chew on both sides of the mouth.

6. Donít use chewing gum too much. If you chew for more that 20 minutes you can produce unwanted saliva that can help damage the gums.

7. Visit the dentistís office at least once every year for a checkup. If you have no problems all you have wasted is an hour or two of your day but if you find a problem and you catch it early you can prevent hours of pain in the future.

The word that the Danes use for paradentosis is Paradentose og tandpasta and if you would like to get even more information about it, visit this Danish website. It is very resourceful and although it is in Danish you can easily translate it with Google Translator. Even more about paradentosis you can read here.

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